Latex maintenance page

Natural latex rubber maintenance

Our latex / rubber is one natural product (naruurlatex / rubber), if you handle it carefully you will enjoy for many years your latex pieces. Hang the latex in the sun (ozone) or by the stove, keep the latex under one temp. of 26 degrees Celsius and store in the dark. Ensure that the latex / rubber to come into contact with copper and oil or oily products such as massage oil, oil soap, milk, creams, lotions etc., latex can not stand here and it could provoke one chemical / allergic reaction.

For the inside and outside and to massage your body, eg Latex-Eros (silicon base) (super smooth and not greasy, also very good for latex) works very well to draw it easy on and off, the latex will also receive one nice luster, or use pure talcum powder (without additives). Use only for the exterior of our latex-shine for gloss, latex / rubber is very nice of shine and is good for latex and rubber, a little on a soft cloth, then apply to the latex (in our latex per meter fabric shop available), please do it after you are finished with your project. (after bonding).
You can latex / rubber wash in lukewarm water, it is very dirty, do there's a little bit of "woollite" in and then rinse the latex again (not in the machine or dryer), dry it thoroughly, following the latex again treated.
Have a shiny day