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fashion latex rubber, latex clothing and lingerie

Latex material per meter , tips for making your own and bonding of latex and rubber clothing , latex clothing and lingerie restore mode and upholstering furniture etc.
Latex latex material available in our store .
Latex / rubber garments and latex / rubber lingerie , make latex jewelry by yourself or your upholstered furniture with latex / rubber , you can boundless experimentation with latex / rubber material and let your imagination speak , also you save this course to your issue , and it is tinkering with latex also a fun, creative and exciting pastime .

For anyone very easy to repair , latex / rubber to make pieces of latex clothing latex glue itself requires a little practice , precise and neat work for a good result .
First the latex tailored cut with a good pair of scissors and / or cutting with a rotary cutter , clothing patterns, you can get anywhere and collect , you can also spot. clothing and lingerie take after take , or natural invent itself a thrilling and interesting latex / rubber creation , the ability to make nice latex / rubber creations are limitless .

The latex commercially available thicknesses : latex 0.15mm(new), 0.25mm, 0.38mm, 0.50mm, 0.80mm, 1mm
The 1mm and 0.80mm is ideal for latex harnesses , belts etc. to make .

Zipper Insertion / bonding : The fabric of the zipper well drench /  with Solv-latex glue and let dry, then the latex edges where the zipper should be strengthen through a strip of glue , this glue the zipper there again and again over a strip of latex bonding ( sandwiches ) (Use a nickel -free and copper-free zippers , see our latex maintenance page . ) latex
Terms latex / rubber adhesive instruction : The powdery removing the bonding latex edges with a damp cloth ( otherwise bad latex bonding ) , then gluing ( with latex glue) latex edges possibly very slightly roughened with fine abrasive ( glass ) paper for a good adhesion of the latex .
Then make sure you get the latex glue edges degreased ( latex degreasing is very important!) with our special latex - degreaser ( available in our latex store ) Put the latex share it with a paper tape ( masking tape ) , double-sided tape is also handy , then a thin layer of latex adhesive to the two parts , the latex will curl up in thin latex , the thicker the latex is low ( do not panic ) , after drying pull this right ( approximately 2-5 minutes to dry ) , after drying the latex parts firmly pressing together ( pressing , rolling works perfectly ) . Try using a piece of latex exercise , first before starting work on the actual clothing a good preparation is half the battle.

Also check the latex glue and tools shop for various supplies that may be making your latex piece . Useful
About our Solv-latex glue : This latex glue dries quickly if you open the bottle of latex adhesive left on, thus you can also latexglue-thinner/degreaser available in our store latex , it is also a good latex degreaser before the adhesive the edges to bring the adhesive. (our latex adhesive is water resistant with excellent adhesive properties, only latex - per - meter available )
We also offer waterbased latex adhesive, easy to use with thin latex(no curling), longer time to dry.

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