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Datex is latex material made of natural latex,rubber and very extensible knitted fabric. Great extensibility and resistance is the material advantage making Datex easy to put on.
Datex makes you feel comfortable and ensures traditional latex quality at the same time.

DATEX - vulcanised latex with its resistance and amazing look in connection with very elastic knitted fabric give us unlimited and revolutionary possibilites in clothing production.
Now latex garments can be sewn in common way without  gluing process. What is more, seams become stronger thanks to unique Datex's quality, it means no more complaints about defects.
Because of the elastic fabric on the inner side, items made of Datex put on easily without any dressing aids making the usage so comfortable and facile and let you profit from charme and look of natural latex.

Red and blue is available only by 10 meters.

Datex, Black per metre.

Datex, Black per metre.

Datex, black, 130 cm wide