Tienda de látex por metro, telas de látex para la venta, Venta al por mayor de textiles de látex y caucho, látex en diferentes colores para hacer tu propia ropa de moda de látex.

Delivery and Conditions

Delivery and Conditions

Orders above €350,- : 10% discount.

Shipping from price: (NL): € 7,85 excl. VAT.   (BE): € 7,95 excl. VAT.   DE & LU: € 14,95 excl. VAT.
Europe/world: (outside NL & BE): EU1: €16,95 / EU2: €22,95 / EU3: €29,90 excl. VAT.
Shippingtime: 3-8 days (outside NL & BE)
Prices in the shop excl. VAT.

Días de envío: Martes y viernes.
Entonces, por favor haga su pedido antes de las 12.00 del mediodía del lunes/jueves.

We ship our latex worldwide.
We ship our latex all over Europe and some countries outside Europe. (World)
When spending more than € 350,- 10% discount.
Outside Europe (World) we only ship (latex on rolls (10 mtr.) and not other accessories and liquid items such as: haberdashery, tools, glue, degreasers and liquid latex etc.

Terms & conditions of R-Deco to Baarle-Nassau-Hertog (

Chamber of Commerce:
KvK: 71122591
VAT: NL001772692B17

Article 1 -

These conditions are part or are applicable to all through offers made / due seller, notices and agreements and sell at the same outside impact position relative to seller of any and all general and / or specific condition (s) of any third party, unless acceptance of such a general and / or specific condition (s) appears in writing by or on behalf of seller and these conditions shall be deemed to the conditions which have been referred. the first time Where in these terms "buyer" should also be read 'customer', or at least only party that is committed against the seller.

Article 2 -


All offers are without obligation of the seller, especially with regard to the availability, delivery time, pricing and execution, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any quotation is based on the prices prevailing at the time of the assignment. If these are altered after the said time, then Seller reserves the right to adjust prices afterwards reasonably change especially in the case exchange rates and the publisher or supplier raises its price in the case.

Article 3 -


All costs incurred by reasonably to Seller in connection with activities related to the purchase, the seller can claim the buyer.

Article 4 -

In case of payment order can recover seller buyer payment equal to the amount of the sale price plus the expected additional costs.

Article 5 -


A party who has, in any way whatsoever connected to seller, can not escape unilaterally, unless the seller has given its written consent. Given such consent, then the other party though, when roads damages, an amount equal to at least 10% of the invoice amount, and any costs incurred by the Seller, subject to a minimum of € 15, - per order line basis will be applied.

Article 6 -

Orders and delivery,

1. All items are purchased from the conclusion of the agreement for the account and risk of the buyer 2. If the buyer has any payment to the seller, especially if invoices in respect of supplies of seller to buyer still open in whole or in part, seller is entitled to delivery obligations until buyer has fulfilled all its obligations. 3. In case of outstanding invoices seller is entitled to send the purchased COD, regardless of any other provision. 4. In case of free delivery, the cheapest shipping method, unless otherwise agreed. 5. Acceptance by the carrier without comment on the consignment note or the receipt is proof that it was delivered in good condition. 6. Delay is not borne by seller, unless caused by his fault. 7. Goods are transported at the risk of the buyer, unless otherwise agreed. 8. Each part of the supply, including parts of a combined order may be invoiced separately. 9. Unless otherwise notice, delivery risk of the buyer at the last known address of the buyer. 10. The transmission takes place on behalf of the client and on behalf of the client.

Article 7 -


1. Any complaints must be made in writing within 14 days of receipt of the goods. 2. The buyer who has not properly examined the delivered goods within 14 days after receipt thereof, shall be deemed to have agreed to the delivery. 3. The buyer will not be able to assert any claim against the seller after the buyer has taken the delivered goods into use, or has had them taken into use, or has re-delivered them. 4. Because our latex goods are natural products and are made to measure and for reasons of hygiene, they cannot be changed or returned to the Seller. Only whole unopened rolls can be returned.(Only in case of serious damages to the product.) 5. Defects to a part of the delivered goods do not give the right to rejection and/or non-payment of the entire delivery. Only unopened shipments can be taken back.
We do not take back shipments outside Europe.

Article 8 -


1. Faults in the business of the seller which can not be imputed to him (including: war, mobilization, riots, floods, late or incorrect delivery by suppliers, fire, accidents, strikes, illness, etc.) dismiss seller of meeting the agreed delivery and / or delivery obligation, no buyer can appeal to any right to compensation for damages, costs and interest assert. 2. If a case as mentioned in the first paragraph occurs, the seller will immediately notify the buyer. This will have the right to cancel the contract within seven days of receipt of that notice, in writing, however, the obligation to take delivery of the seller and to reimburse the portion of the order. Executed The provisions of Article 6 will miss apply in this case.

Article 9 -

(Non) payment,

1. Payments must be made in advance or á cash on delivery, unless otherwise agreed. 2. Is agreed that the buyer will be sent an invoice, it must pay the amount due be made within 30 days of receipt of the invoice at the offices of seller, buyer or by him on a bank or Postbank account. The invoice shall be deemed to have been received after the shipment passed six days after the day. 3. In the event of late payment, the buyer from the due date, default interest of 1% per month, part of a month as a full month. without any notice is required on the total invoice amount,. 4. All extrajudicial costs of recovery shall be borne by the buyer. The extrajudicial costs are set at 15% of the total amount to be recovered, with a minimum of € 125, - and are due at the time that the claim is given for collection, without prejudice to the seller's right to the surplus of these costs buyer stories. 5. In case of failure of (timely) payment, the seller is entitled to suspend all further deliveries without being, upon receipt of the overdue payment (s), to deliver. Held

Article 10 -


1. All items remain property of the seller until full payment of all outstanding debts, interest and costs is obtained, as additional security for the payment of all accruing to the seller, without exception. 2. Has seller a claim under more than one contract or delivery, these are considered to form a whole, so that seller his rights on all items delivered to exercise until it is paid by the buyer with all obligations. 3. The seller is entitled to the goods delivered, pursuant to the preceding paragraphs shall be owned remained to take whatever reversal back terminate the contract, without prejudice to the Seller's right to any damage resulting from the default suffered and continue to suffer to recover copper.

Article 11 -

Conversion Determination,

If any provision of these terms shall be deemed to be wholly or partly converted as unreasonably onerous qualified by any court in a determination that can be as much as possible while preserving the content and purport, is not regarded as such.