Latex Transparent per roll, wholesale-shop

Latex-Rubber Semi-Transparent on roll, latex wholesale shop at attractive prices.

Semi-Transparent latex-rubber wholesale store, also for private consumers.
Latex wholesale, on this page latex fabrics per roll of 10 meters length. (1 meter wide)
Beautiful smooth and soft natural latex with a fine elasticity or stretch (1 side smooth), LPM.
Pure natural semi-transparent latex for a fine feeling, for the real latex lover.

Your latex clothing and lingerie or decor very inexpensive to make by yourself...
For latex transparent per meter, go to the latex per meter shop.

We ship our latex all over Europe and some countrys outside europe.
When spending over € 250, - 10% discount.
For countries outside Europe you need to arrange transport by yourself, by a shipping company of your choice.
After your order and payment, we will email the number of boxes, weight and contents for your shipping company.  
We only ship to these countries:  latex on rolls (10 mtr.), no other accessories and liquid items such as: haberdashery, tools, glue, degreasers and liquid latex.

10% discount from € 250, - excl. VAT

New colors !