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LPM latex information

LPM Latex product information

LPMlatex is a new line of latex.

A beautiful latex rubber for a good price, good quality natural latex and slightly different and less loose powdered, this results in less dusting of the powder during processing of the latex and therefore more pleasant work. The magnesium powder is needed to keep the latex in condition. It can also be with latex silicone gloss spray or dipper-wash polish such as Vivishine, this gives the latex a nice shine.
Latex is used in the fashion industry, sports and rehabilitation and for various technical solutions.

Our latex feels soft, the purer the latex is, the softer and supple it is and feels.
The latex has the properties of a good to be processed and to bonded product, with a very good strength and elasticity.
We supply single colours, semi-transparent and double-sided coloured latex, and later also metallic latex. At the moment we are working on expanding the range of colours in order to be able to deliver a variety of colours and thicknesses in the future, this of course takes some time.

We produce our latex in Asia, here we have a reliable and solid partner with whom we have a pleasant and progressive cooperation, where of course the rubber tree grows and thrive on impressively beautiful plantations. The milky latex juice is tapped from this to make the final product in an ecological way. The rubber tree grows in tropical places like Indonesia, Vietnam, Srilanka, Brazil etc.