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Latex maintenance page

Natural latex rubber maintenance

Natural latex-rubber fabrics and clothing maintenance tips.

Latex per meter fabrics, latex maintenance page.

Our latex / rubber is a natural product (natural latex / rubber), if you are careful with it you can enjoy your latex work pieces for a long time.
Do not hang the latex clothing in the sun (ozone) or near the stove, store the latex at a temperature of 25 degrees and store in the dark. (clothing bag or something similar).
Make sure that the latex / rubber does not come into contact with copper and oil or oily products such as massage oil, oily soap, milk, creams, lotions, etc., latex can not against this and it can cause a chemical / allergic reaction and give.
Use for the inside and outside and to massage your body e.g. "Pjur of Eros" (on silicone base) (is super smooth and not greasy, also very good for latex, works very well to put it on and off easily, the latex also gets a nice shine, or use pure talcum powder (without additives).
For the shine and to keep in condition our "latex-shine" and or "VIVISHINE", the latex / rubber will shine very nice and is good and healthy for latex and rubber, a little "latex-shine" on a soft cloth, then apply to the latex. VIVISHINE is a very nice and effective polish and economical in use, first of all wash your work by hand in a soapy water of e.g. "Dreft" dishwasher detergent, then rinse well and then add a teaspoon VIVISHINE to clean water and wash in it, and let it dry, do this after you have finished your work (so after gluing).
We also sell VIVISHINE SPRAY to make your latex to shine, possibly in combination with the VIVIWIPES, these are handy soft wipes to polish after spraying.
And then the VIVISHINE FRESH-UP wipes (per 10 pieces in a box), Handy to take with you wherever you go, and in small places to quickly recover the shine.

You can latex / rubber wash in lukewarm water, it is very dirty, you do a very small bit "woollite" or "Dreft" dishwasher detergent and then the latex again rinse well (not in the machine or dryer) let it dry well.