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Liquid latex shop

Liquid latex-rubber shop & accessoiries

Shop for liquid, so pourable latex rubber and accessories in various colors for bodypaint, make-up - make-up and masks and molds.
Liquid latex is a natural material that is used in a wide range of companies and of course hobby, for latex prostheses and realistiche skin effects such as made for TV and the movie industry, Halloween and Carnival, surgical gloves, balloons, sculpture casting, latex molds, bodypaint, makeup/schmink and painting on latex clothing.
Liquid natural liquid latex in various colors (also in pastel colors) available in the store, make your choice at the bottom of this latex store page.
Make it something fun ... for parties, carnival and Halloween etc.
Note: With liquid latex the color is expressed when the latex is dried, in liquid (wet) condition it is a halftone color (e.g. black is still gray in the bottle.)
Our Liquidlatex also adheres to our LPM latex sheets because both are pure latex, nice for decorations by painting, splashing and dripping etc.

We ship our latex sheet worldwide.
We ship our latex all over Europe and some countries outside Europe. (World)
Outside Europe (World) we only ship latex on rolls (10 mtr.) Not other accessories and liquid items such as: haberdashery, tools, glue, degreasers and liquid latex etc.

10 % discount order > € 350,00
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You can choose from 250 ml, 500 ml or 1 liter