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Latex with and without a polish

This picture is to show clarity for those who are still unknown with latex.
On the picture below you can see unprocessed latex on the left, and on the right with polish/shine.
The left side is as it is on the roll, powdered with magnesium powder, so on the right side handled with a shiny polish such as VIVISHINE.
So the shine you have to apply yourself.

Latex usually has one smooth side, while the two-sided coloured latex has two smooth sides.
Latex polish is a silicone based shine, this is a good necessary food for latex.
The latex sheets have a glossy side, the double-sided colored latex two glossy sides.
For clothing is mostly the polish / shine used, for other such as sports and tech. purposes not.
It is recommended to wash the Latex workpiece after completion and polish it afterwards. (See page "maintaining latex" elsewhere on this site).

You can also use pure talcum powder (unscented).
If you want to have a retro look, don't use any shine, this is also often used and you can alternatively use the dull side.
In this case, use the talcum powder to store and to keep it in shape.