LATEX PER METER SHOP, create your own latex fashion, latex lingerie and latex clothing, latex sheets from the roll
Latex fabric per meter and Latex per half meter shop

Welcome to the shop, latex per meter to make your own latex clothing, lingerie and other fashion, here you can do pleasant and inexpensive shopping.
We offer you latex/rubber fabric per meter and latex per half meter for sale in our latex shop, latex/rubber sheeting, latex rubber fabric in a variety of colors and thickness, latex per meter (1 m wide), all natural latex to create your own latex fashion, lingerie, latex clothing or maybe to make your own creations.
Our latex store/ shop is also for store front builders, latex workshop and studio, stage builders, photographers, interior designers, furniture makers, make-up artists, theaters, latex fetish, latex bondage, and kinky latex/rubber fashion world, etc.
You can buy your latex in this shop.

When spending over € 200, - 5% discount, over € 250,- 10% discount.

Create for yourself spectacular latex fashion or another exiting piece of latex-fashion, or even latex thongs, briefs or even sheets. Let your fantasies run wild inspired by our site and start experimenting with these exiting shiny latex fabrics. Don't be limited by standard creations and sizes but create your own interesting latex designs, and experience the very sensual, creative and exiting possibilities of latex... per metre.
Ordering latex per metre in a variety of colors and adhesive for exelent gluing, is quick and simple, we guarantee next work day shipping that will allow you to start making your own latex creations ASAP. We are constantly increasing our product line, so we can offer you an even wider range of latex colors, thickness and sizes, and related products like, latex adhesive, adhesive thinner and grease remover, roller knives, lube, silicone latexshine etc. We offer you high quality natural latex, this latex is specially designed for the latex/rubber fashion industry. We (latex per metre supplier) guarantee the highest quality latex you can find.
Solvent based latex adhesives dry quickly but the solvent can cause the latex to curl up. They generate a good bond with good water resistance.(available in our latex shop).We also offer waterbased latex adhesive, easy to use with thin latex(no curling), longer time to dry.

Wipe away excess powder from the latex.
Clean surfaces with water and dry.
Make the glue-edges a little rough with fine barn(glas)paper for good joining.
Use our special adhesive thinner/grease remover; for degrease the glue edges, use sparingly. (the latex will curl upa little). Allow latex sheet to dry completely.
Apply thin layer of our latex adhesive to both surfaces (the latex will curl up again) Allow the adhesive to dry completely (5-10 minutes) and any distortion caused by solvent to disappear Join the surfaces and apply slight pressure.
Washing:  Wash in clean warm water with no soap/detergent. Wipe off excess water with care, lie flat and talc lightly before putting away. Do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron in any circumstances. Polishing: Latex sheeting can be enhanced by light polishing with silicone-based polish( Latexshine ).
Oils, solvents and greases destroy latex sheeting so be careful not to expose to oil based lubricant and cream products. The surface of the latex sheeting can be permanently scratched if it is polished either too firmly or with too hard a cloth. Prolonged exposure to light can destroy latex clothing. It is advisable to store clothes in a black plastic bag in the dark when not being worn.
Composition: Natural rubber/latex plus essential processing chemicals and pigments.
Health hazards: Sheeting is generally considered non-hazardous. However some people have an allergic reaction to the proteins in natural rubber latex. Persons with the allergy should avoid contact with natural rubber latex sheeting.
Fire Hazard: Natural rubber latex sheeting is flammable. It should be protected from naked flames and non-smoking restrictions in areas where it is being worked on are advisable.
Storage and use: Store below 26° C. away from damp conditions and away from heaters. Store latex away from natural light. UV rays can break down the latex sheet and cause fading. Avoid contact with copper and copper alloys. These cause staining. Avoid contact with oils, solvents and greases which will destroy natural latex/rubber.